What’s the Big Hot Deal?

Team Hot Flash is a fantasy team started by me (Melissa) and my sister Beth, both 50-something cyclists. Sometimes we ride (or race) together, and like to do the cute sisterly thing and have matching jerseys. After referring to ourselves informally as Team Hot Flash, it seemed like time to make it official. We have big plans to race tandem at Masters Nationals in matching Hot Flash jerseys. Come on and get a jersey, and join in the fun!

The Hot Flash Sisters:

Beth and Melissa

Favorite Links

Hey, we've found a theme song! Check out the Menopause Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJ6Ps8ITbzE

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Buy a Hot Flash Jersey!

Order your own Hot Flash jersey! You can order online from our Frog Store website by clicking here:    Hot Flash Jersey Purchase

Melissa and Beth show off the Hot Flash jerseys.

Getting ready to order your jersey? Find your favorite bike jersey, one that fits you just right,  and lay it flat on a table. Measure it across the bottom hem, across the chest just under the armpits, and vertically from the back neck seam to the bottom hemline (not including collar). Now compare to the table below to find your closest size:

Hot Flash Size:      Lower edge:      Width armpits:      Height overall:

XS                        15″                       18″                      25″
SM                       15.75                    18.5                     25.5
MD                      16.5                       19.5                     26.0
LG                       17.25                     20.5                     26.5
XL                        18                         22                       28
XX                        19                         23                       29
XXX                     20.5                       24                       29.5

Please note that the finished jersey may not be exactly as measured above, due to manufacturing variations, but this is your best way to estimate your correct size. These are “Women’s Club Cut” jerseys, so they are designed to be a little more generous in proportions than the designs for racing jerseys. You may want to order a size smaller than your racing jersey if you like a snug fit. Remember that the lower edge is elastic and is meant to stretch, so does not represent your actual hip size.

We have set up an ordering page on our Frog Store website, if you would like to buy a jersey. The cost is $68, which includes FREE shipping within the US (US Postal Service delivery only). Please note that we do not keep these jerseys in stock; we have them made to order when we have five or more order requests. So, please contact me first (melissafroggie (at) g m a i l . c o m) to find out the next projected ship date! Typically your order will ship within about 6 weeks.

Proceeds from the sales of Hot Flash jerseys go to support the racing expenses of the Hot Flash sisters and team members. Help us make it to the National Championships again next year!